Monday, 18 September 2017

Model Memorial

I think this is a Great War minischap. Standing at attention like that, he just seemed perfect for a statue, and so that is what he has become. The stone here is rather rougher than it would be on a statue in real life, but it works for me. Halford's grey is the undercoat. It then received a bit of drybrushing with lighter greys, then a sepia wash and a green wash in some spots. Lastly, some Ushabti Bone as a final drybrush and to create the writing on the front of the memorial finished it off.

Perhaps I'm oddly sensitive, but it strikes me as a rather sad, sombre piece.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Ruined statue

I bought this touristy damaged statue a long time ago in Greece. I can't recall who it's supposed to represent, but underneath, it's metal on a marble base. I daubed a mess of filler and sand atop the metal to obscure both the detail and mould lines. I then hit it with some creams, greeny-yellows, greys and browns. It's large enough for individuals to hide behind, as you can see, and would work well for anything Pulp-based. I can see this chap as the forgotten leader of the Atlanteans or whatnot.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Steam Launch 2

Pre-painted stage is here. Here's the finished steam launch on the desk and afloat on the wine-dark sea.

Monday, 14 August 2017


This ended up looking really quite huge next to the model, which is going to inform my choices about scaling in future. Fundamentally, I make doors too big, and that then throws everything else off. The window's a bit skewiff, too. Nonetheless, I'm pretty happy with this. The wallpaper that provides the bricks is just great, although one does seem to spend forever painting it. The roof felt is black sandpaper, and the window is that granny grating stuff. I'm knocking up a few buildings at the minute that have a particular feel to them, on which more in due time. Future iterations will either be smaller or have a chimney, because this thing's so big it could be a cottage. The roofing and brick give a suggestion of period, but aren't too specific, I hope. The doorknob needs to be smaller, too.

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